The AeroCoach ARC is the world's first TT specific noncircular chainring, specifically designed for the pedalling characteristics of time trials, in a full carbon aero single chainring design. Weighing in at only 112g (54t).. The ARC's subtle shape is designed to mimic the firing patterns of your leg muscles whilst riding, increasing the gearing size when you most need it.

The unique time trial specific design will help increase power output by 3-5w, and allow a smoother pedal stroke than normal. Unlike other noncircular designs you can train on the ARC ring without causing a detriment to your pedal stroke and swap between round/ARC rings without difficulty.

The ARC has a full carbon aerodynamic design with custom long teeth to retain the chain, meaning that you can remove the front derailleur. This can save between 1-4w at 30mph depending on the size of the derailleur. It is not recommended to shift using a front derailleur as this may damage the long teeth and will void the warranty.

Standard 130BCD but we can manufacture custom BCD to fit your exact crankset

Accelerate Chain (CustomBlue™)

A typical drivetrain will have losses of ~3%: with CustomBlue™you will see savings of nearly 5w compared with a brand new chain and 1-3w over other lubrication options.

Accelerate chains are available in 10 and 11 speed as well as 1/8" for track use. All Accelerate chains come complete with quick links at no extra cost

Optimal performance range

Optimal CustomBlue™ chain performance lasts for ~350km under normal outdoor wear, ~250km in constant rain or ~450km on the track. Accelerate cassettes should be used for race day only and will improve shifting performance and efficiency for up to 250km. 

The AeroCoach Align universally compatible PC-ABS high sided arm rest keeps you locked in place when in the aerobars, making you safer, more stable and more aerodynamic. Now with new 10mm pad upgrade option!

Recessed silicon grippers on the inside edge help reduce unwanted movement, and removable 5mm Neoprene® foam allows for a comfortable support for your arms. Align has 50mm high sides and a 90mm long base section. The slotted 5.5mm bolt holes are compatible with all makes of aerobar, and give angular adjustment, a large range of fore/aft adjustment as well as side/side movement. Steel washers are included in the pack for use with flat head bolts.

Height: 50mm Length: 90mm Width: 90mm
Base thickness: 5mm Bolt hole diameter: 5.5mm
Bolt compatibility: universal (flat head using included washers)
Aerobar compatibility: universal
Foam: Neoprene® 5mm Weight: 75g each


The AeroCoach Axis saddle provides a comfortable, stable base to help reduce excess movement. 

With its 50mm wide, flattened supportive nose and 170x20mm pressure release channel, the Axis is suited for TT, triathlon and road cycling.  As used by multiple National Champion Rich Bussell!

Improving stability by reducing excess movement can provide a decrease in CdA of up to 0.003m^2, equivalent to 3-4w saved.

Weight 200g (CroMo) 165g (Carbon)
Width 50mm nose / 130mm rear
Length 255mm
Stack height 40mm (centre of rails to top of saddle)