How good are Ceramicspeed upgrades?

How good are Ceramicspeed upgrades?

Tuesday 4th September 2018
Andy Jackson

Here at Evo2Max we are keen to offer every enhancement to ensure the rider gets the VERY best out of their machine.

Here at HQ we ride Ceramicspeed Bottom Brackets, Over sized Pulley systems (OSPW), upgrade wheel bearings and use jockey wheels and chains.

The real question is in 'real life' How fast? The Ceramicspeed website makes measured claims on watts saved Ceramicspeed watts saved links

This is great and we know from this, theoretically, how much faster you will go in like for like circumstances. But, in many ways, this is still theoretical - we all know that on the day, live comparisons in race situations are nigh on impossible due to a myriad of external factors.

Being a competitive racer I am always striving for the next marginal gain and wanted to test what in real life this may look like.

Now I don't claim the test to be 'truly scientific' - but for me its very telling! I ride in Tenerife an awful lot. As such I know certain STRAVA segments very well having ridden some literally 100's of times, Thus I know what is fast and what it takes to get a converted STRAVA KOM.

As a bit of a test I attacked 2 segments just to see. On my Nebula R-9 Road Bike equipped with a Ceramicspeed Bottom Bracket, Jockey wheels and ceramic wheel bearings I took to the task.

I choose two segments:

  • A blindingly fast 3.7m downhhill section between Charco Los Pinos & Los Zoca
  • A coastal run between Medano & Los Abrigos of 2.96m

The results were impressive!

The downhill section I completed at a mind blowing average of 41.3mph and topped out at 59.1mph! At those speeds power doesn't come into at you just cant rev enough, even in 53/11 to add much to your speed , its all about how aero & how efficient your bike is (I Averaged 159w!). I claimed the KOM and took 12secs off my second best time!

The second coastal run is an undulating run along the coast and the edge of the airport runway, I have ridden this section over 100x and held the KOM quite a few times, but had been unable to regain for it the last 2 years ... Until now! Averaging 388w and at a speed of 34.5mph I managed to obliterate the leader board and my own previous fastest time by 14 secs and record 5mins 10. A perfect mix of power, aerodynamics and reduced friction.

By no means a 'scientific' test - But to me very telling, that last section I have consistently tried to nail for over 2 years and not managed it - until this ride.

Here is the STRAVA link to the ride ceramicspeed STRAVA Test

That's enough justification for me!

Ceramicspeed components are available as upgrades on all Road & TT / Tri bike builds

(*Bike pictured is the Hyperson H-1 fitted with Ceramicspeed BB / Jockey wheels, optimised chain and wheel bearings)