Managing our most precious commodity - TIME

Managing our most precious commodity - TIME

Thursday 30th November 2017
Andy Jackson

Here at Evo2Max I have been exploring other avenues to help our clients maximise their benefit, enjoyment and success on our Bikes.

I have spent near on 20 years working in the busy corporate world of FMCG goods and forged a decent career up to Director level, During that time I also managed to achieve some great results at the top of the amateur sporting world. As I reflect on this now its clear the biggest enemy to us all is simply TIME.

As I left the corporate world recently to concentrate on key interests within Evo2Max I decided to set up my own business to specifically focus on helping busy working professionals achieve their true athletic potential via 'Peaks Sports Consulting Ltd' Peaks on FB. I looked at what was out there and thought, there could be a different and better way to do this. to ensure we manage our biggest enemy TIME to the best of our ability.

Many successful business & career driven individuals have similar aspirations to replicate this success at work, and exercise (in ever sense of the word) their competitive streak outside of work. This is where I believe I could help.

Over the years the choices and the means for exercising this 'need' for people has changed. Go back 20-30 years and you would see Golf or jogging as key mass participation events (they still are now of course!) with maybe the ultimate goal to 'run a marathon'. The London Marathon, the worlds largest, was conceived around 40 years ago when, not long before that, people had questioned if it was even possible for a 'normal' person to run that far! Today is still one of the world largest mass participation events.

Since the success of the GB Olympic cycling team, starting with green shoots in the late '90's to the culmination in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 we have seen the sports of cycling, in all its guises and triathlon (thankyou to the Brownlee Borthers!) grow exponentially. In the '90's People used to ask why I did Triathlon or rode a bike and they'd think yo were the 'weirdo in lycra'... these days everyone seems to want to talk to you about it!

These changes saw the challenges people wanted to achieve increase in difficulty, time or even location (around the world) - which again means that managing our precious commodity. TIME, becomes more and more important if we are to do our selves justice and achieve what we want in our pursuits.

A quick study of 'Triathlon' is telling. Around 40 years ago Capt. Jon Howard stationed at Pearl harbour was drinking (as the fable goes!) with other colleagues from each of the services. Inevitably they got onto discussing 'who was fittest'. After much debate the concept of 'Ironman' was born.
they combined the Waikiki rough water 2.5 mile swim, with the round O'Ahu 112 mile bike race and the Honolulu marathon into ONE race. Around 15 people lined up in Waikiki to attempt it. The winner finished in (I think) around 15 hrs Ironman was born.

Today your average 'age grouper' would beat this time, the 'world record Ironman time set by evergreen UK athlete 'Tim Don' is now 7 hrs and 40minutes, 23 seconds set at Ironman Brazil in 2018.... yes that's HALF the time of the original - mind blowing!

What does this mean? It means the competitiveness has increased massively. This is driven by our understanding of optimal training through years of trial error and testing, better kit and understanding of things such as hydro dynamics and aerodynamics. Recovery and nutrition all pay a large part.

So this brings me back to how does the time crunched 'average working man' achieve his out of work goals? How does he balance the time and energy he invests into his career, with that of raising a family, but also deliver his own 'need' for success in other fields?

The traditional answers to this have been to surround our selves (if you can afford it!) with experts in every field that you will need to succeed.
An experienced Coach
A nutritionist or dietician
A Physio
A bike fitter
A Strategist or mentor who can help and support

All this is fine, but fundamentally the athlete is at the HUB of this. They are trying to tie everything together to ensure that each part adds benefit to their total race strategy. But this novice athlete who has decided to complete his first Ironman is NOT the right person to be at the centre of this hub.
How do , in this example, you ensure the dietician or nutritionist is providing the right calorie intake and nutrient split based on the training he is doing?
Is the prescribed training going to work for you, just because it has worked for XX of your coaches previous clients does this 'guarantee' it will work for you?
Is the bike fit, when you got the new bike, now correct in terms of physiological changes you may have made through training? or injuries or adjustments in race plans?
Is the individual going to be able to bring ALL this together on race day to ensure his months of training, preparation and investment in terms of ££ and TIME will pay off?

Sadly the answer is often no, I myself know from years of trial and error, with coaches and their techniques, different diets, kit and set ups the cost, emotional and financial of not achieving what I hoped to in target races. I qualified to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona a few years ago. I got SO many things wrong.
- I was over trained going into it
- I used the wrong nutrition for me
- My equipment choices on a windy day were poor
- I was ill quipped for the heat
- I got 'psyched' out by the sheer size of the event

If I'd had some better total support, maybe I could have done myself justice?

As I put together the concept of Peaks Sports Consulting Ltd I thought about all of this. How could I answer these questions?

Like many out there, I have some good wide ranging sporting experience which means I have learned through trial and error and can help others do the same. But how could I make it more. For me I think it important to have a holistic 'TOTAL' solution.

This is why I created 'VIEWPOINT' (more will follow as I launch the Peaks web site). The simple premise being I offer all the services and address all the areas needed to succeed in cycling or triathlon.

Then there was a final missing piece to this jigsaw, I was keen to make sure it was 'athlete centric' and individual. Every athlete gets individual plans based on in-depth pre-analysis discussions we have. I also am offering the opportunity to utilise understand of our own DNA by DNAfit. I have trained to become a DNAfit expert. This means I can work with you to interpret your specific DNA markers to direct how we best maximise YOUR training for YOU.

We are all different, we know that! so why should the sessions a coach works with for one athlete work the same for me. The truth is they wont. Through DNA analysis we can understand where our genetic predisposition is, from what training will our bodies respond best to? IRRESPECTIVE of the sport we compete in. I am an endurance athlete, My DNA profile tells me that to achieve the best results I need a balance of Endurance exercise (obviously) but also Power (intense intervals), this may be slightly counter intuitive to some. It also tells me that how my body deals with free radicals and its need for antioxidants is raised, so this means I may recover slower from intense sessions than others. All of this was actually not 'news to me' as over years of trial and error I have got to understand how my body responds to training and how to maximise my results.

The good news for my clients is it does mean that we can skip the trial and error, we can 'know' what the best exercise mix is for them, what the optimal dietary type should be to maximise their gains. This is where it gets really powerful and where we come back to ensuring we manage our most precious commodity - TIME

By supplementing the years of 'on the job' learning through trial and error and working with some of the best coaches in the business, with a qualification as an Ironman Coach I know I can offer busy working people the best opportunity to manage their limited time to achieve the best possible results in their out of work pursuits.

Love to hear from you and work with you to achieve your goals.