4* review in Bike Radar Ovtober 2017

4* review in Bike Radar Ovtober 2017

Tuesday 24th October 2017

We are pleased to see another FAB review for the amazing Nebula R-9 road bike Nebula Road bike in Bike Radar

The reviewer loved the bike and there are some great images and some really great comments from the reviewer ...
'.... if you're looking for a cost-effective aero road bike that's fast and, above all, fun, the Nebula R-9 is worth a try.'
'...The 60mm-deep Evo Momentum R1 wheels were an unknown quantity to me, but I was impressed by them. The unidirectional carbon-finished rim is modern in shape with a blunt edge and wide profile that shapes the excellent tyres well.'
'...The Nebula R-9's handling took me by surprise. It's not noodly or harsh, and the front-end's rigid security makes for a bike that threads through flat-out corners with a certainty that inspires confidence'

Check out the full review here review and contact us via the website or via FB messenger and let's get you riding this amazing bike