Evo2Max has a vision to merge unrivalled performance and aesthetics, providing Triathletes, Time Trialists and Road Riders with elite performance equipment. Our products are derived from a passion to match stunning designs with advanced aerodynamic engineering, ensuring we deliver a product that inspires you to perform to the max, time and time again.

With Evo2Max in your corner you will #defythedrag

Our proposition is simple, yet stunning in its delivery. Our collection is enhanced by our selected Partners. All are experts in their chosen field. Elite performance supplements provider OTE, aerodynamic expertise from AeroCoach and innovative elite performance clothing from NoPinz.

This allows us to provide a total solution for all our clients. The end result is simple, unrivalled products coupled with industry leading specialists to produce an experience like no other.

And it doesn't end there... we're delighted and honoured to have 3 great athletes as brand ambassadors - 2 World Champions and a rugby legend turned Ironman. Check out their achievements on our Athletes pages.

We look forward to working with all future clients and playing a part in their quest to become the very best in their chosen discipline.

Steve Griffiths, Andy Jackson & Helen Hall

Steve Griffiths, Andy Jackson

#defythedrag #beyoubedifferent