KRONOS R-9 TT / Triathlon complete bike

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£3,299 - £6382

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Huge choice of components and upgrades

Bespoke colour options available

AeroCoach components available #Defythedrag

Our 2017 EVO KRONOS R-9 is an engineering work of art. Manufactured with super HMUD carbon fibre technology these machines are not only some of the fastest available, but also come in eye catching designs.

Our super strong yet lightweight fuselage is designed with advanced aerodynamics at the forefront of our thinking, this ensures low drag and smooth flowing lines. When we designed the KRONOS R-9 it was with one thing in mind: MAXIMUM SPEED ........for the least effort possible. The use of strategically placed aerofoil tubing and completely hidden brakes & cabling ensures the ability to #defythedrag on every ride....

The additional beauty of our Kronos R-9 is the chance for you to design your own colour scheme, customise exactly the componentry you want and spec it with either Disc & Tri spoke (as pictured) or alternatively a pair of tri spokes for more sporting courses. You can truly have it all and 100% personalised to you.

If your looking for a pure speed machine to complete your fastest 10m TT or Ironman leg, then you can stop've just found it....