STAGES Power Meters


available as an upgrade option on bespoke builds

Why add a STAGES Power Meter?
You've decided you want to buy the best.... the best combination of aerodynamics and style, either a Kronos R-9 Time Trial / Triathlon bike or the Nebula R-9 racing machine.

So what better way to do that than structuring you training using the STAGES power meter technology? Coupled with any ANT+ receiving bike computer you can measure, analyse and work on improving your FTP (functional threshold power) via upload to any analysing software, STRAVA , TRAINING PEAKS, GOLDEN CHEETAH or other. To enable you to either take valuable seconds off that elusive Time Trial PB, or to ensure your legs are fresh for the marathon at Kona in the IRONMAN world championships, Power is the only sensible option.

The choice and addition of such an important training tool seems a must?




Power is a measurement of the work you do on the bike, and the most accurate way to measure your effort. Unlike your heart rate, which can be widely affected by physiological influences, including: stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, temperature, time of day, dehydration and other factors, power shows exactly how much work you are doing and exactly what you are getting out of your training. Power is the perfect tool to understand how you are progressing and the best indicator of fitness gained and fatigue level. Simply put, if you want to know how you're doing, check your power.

For more detailed information check out the Stages website on the link below;



  • Accuracy: ± 2%
  • Weight: Only less than 20gr to base crank arm
  • Battery Life: 200+ hours (coin cell: CR2032)
  • Power range (Watts): 0 - 2500
  • Cadence range (rpm): 20 - 220
  • Water resistance rating: IPX7
  • Frame Compatibility: Most frames, see fit guide in our Support section
  • Crank Compatibility: All Shimano Hollowtech II road cranks
  • Device Compatibility: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart Ready
  • Software Compatibiity: Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training & others
  • SIZE : TINY - 65mm x 30mm x 10mm
  • WEIGHT : Under 20g: less than an energy gel
  • SUPREMELY PORTABLE : Swapping a Stages Power meter from bike to bike is as simple as changing the left crank arm—making it possible to have power across multiple bikes
  • DURABILITY : With no external or moving parts, a waterproof housing, and a user-replaceable battery, Stages Power meters handle all weather conditions and all riding styles.
  • MODELS : Sram, Fsa, Shimano, all variations from ; 160mm / 165mm / 170mm / 175mm / 180mm